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Get Involved with ARMS!

There are lots of ways your Madison-area business or organization can get involved and support The Adult Role Models in Science (ARMS) program. Your partnership/sponsorship can be configured however you’d like. Just contact us to get involved. Here are some possibilities:

Collaborate on programming

If you have science outreach programming for kids, contact us to brainstorm about how we might collaborate. ARMS partners with organizations across Madison, including museums, after-school programs, colleges, government agencies, nonprofits, and the local school district. We know that if we work together we can be more effective in bringing science to kids. 

Encourage volunteering

Encourage and/or provide incentives for your employees or members to become ARMS Volunteers. Click here for details about volunteer opportunities. Your employees could: 

  • Assist elementary classroom teachers with science lessons
  • Mentor middle school students in science research projects
  • Lead investigations related to your work at family science events
  • Lead a weekly science club
Support a one-time event

Partner with a school to organize or sponsor a Family Science event. These community-focused events offer multiple hands-on science investigation activities and bring children and families together to do science. There are also Parent Science Events with free childcare.

Adopt a school or community center

Provide financial resources and/or volunteers for science resources and programming. You can make a lasting connection in the community. The Kiwanis Club of Downtown Madison was the first organization to partner with a specific school through ARMS. That was more than 20 years ago, and it’s still going strong!

Sponsor an arm of the program

For example, you might sponsor the Madison Middle School Science Symposium. The Symposium touches middle schoolers across Madison and offers opportunities for visibility to parents, teachers, and UW–Madison scientist mentors.

Anything you can think of!

Printed t-shirts, science supply donations, whatever else you can think of—contact us to talk about possibilities and find something that works for you.