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Vision, Mission, and Goals

Vision: Advancing the practice and impact of STEM

Mission: To enhance engagement and strengthen success in STEM through equitable and inclusive initiatives, collaborations, service, and scholarship


  1. Build and support communities of STEM learners, leaders, and practitioners
  2. Deliver courses and programs in STEM disciplines that:
    1. Develop knowledge and skills for success in STEM
    2. Build STEM identities and confidence
    3. Provide professional development in teaching, public service, leadership and research in STEM
    4. Provide opportunities to engage in teaching, public service, leadership, and research in STEM
  3. Foster inclusivity in STEM through initiatives and programs that support diverse populations
  4. Lead and collaborate on local and national efforts to improve STEM education by developing and disseminating evidence-based programs, curricula, resources, and other scholarly products

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